Getting Out of an Abusive Marriage: People Who Can Help

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Marriage can be a complicated situation. Most people tie the knot with their partners to start an exciting and happy life together. Unfortunately, not every marriage ends that way. In the U.S., fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. That is one couple separating for every couple staying together. However, the more overwhelming statistic that can horrify you is that one in every three women and every four men find themselves in an abusive marriage. The number puts marriage in a bad spotlight, with a lot of people choosing not to get married at all.

Unfortunately, there remain people who find themselves trapped in an abusive marriage looking for a way to escape. Physical, mental, and emotional abuse usually happen privately, but abused spouses can seek help from people when trying to free themselves from the horrific situation. Here are the people you can rely on to help you.


Marriage used to be a happy situation for people who got into it. Their abusive partners might not show their true colors during the first few years. They might find it out in the most unfortunate circumstance that they are violent. Once their partners start abusing them, they will look for reasons to justify the situation. Are they the ones to blame? Did they do something wrong to deserve a beating?

Unfortunately, those situations could end up making them feel like they can get past the abusive stage. As a result, abused people keep their scars and bruises hidden from their friends and loved ones. However, you might realize that enough is enough. Abusive partners must receive punishment, but they might find ways to get out of the situation unharmed. The bruises might fade away. Your partner might explain that the scars come from different circumstances. Friends might even come to their defense, especially when they have close relationships.

The only way to get a divorce might be to get concrete evidence. When home security cameras betray you, witnesses can be your best option. Your neighbors, relatives, and even children could testify against the abuser, confirming moments of violence. However, that is only achievable when abuse happens within their sight. You can get active by sending bloodied and bruised pictures of yourself, ensuring your abusive partner has no choice but to admit wrongdoings.

Doctor and Therapist

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Unfortunately, you might not have witnesses to help you verify your abusive spouse’s actions. However, the body can be concrete evidence enough that you took significant damage to your health. Bruises and wounds might go away, but they will leave a mark on your body. Sometimes, internal organs and bones might also show signs of abuse. If your partner is violent, getting a doctor to confirm your injuries can help solidify your case for a divorce.

The health certificate will hold up in court, especially when you have a family doctor with your medical history take the stands. Past hospital visits could also help you solidify grounds for abusive marriage, making it necessary to familiarize yourself with health laws.

However, physical violence isn’t the only form of abuse. Your spouse might put you under mental distress and torture, causing unbearable stress and fear for your life. Seeking a therapist can help you confirm the mental and emotional damage you received from your abusive spouse. When given the green light, they can divulge sensitive information to help you with your abuse case. Getting health professionals on your side can help you reach the exit point of an abusive marriage faster.

Divorce Lawyer

Unfortunately, divorce can be a messy situation. Married couples share plenty of assets over the years, including material wealth and children. It will be necessary to divide them, and knowing you are with an abusive partner can make things challenging. You’ll need a champion to defend your case and take what is rightfully yours. As a result, hiring a reputable divorce lawyer will be necessary. The abuse element can make it easier to get the assets you deserve for tolerating an evil spouse. However, divorce lawyers can ensure that everything is legal, removing your worries about getting into a long and challenging journey with the divorce.

Support Group

Getting divorced can be a lonely and exhausting experience, even when it is escaping an abusive marriage. You might feel like you wasted years of your life in misery, and there is no getting back to where you were before you got married. The divorce tag will follow you for the rest of your life. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t improve the journey. Creating a support group around you can help make the transition easier. Your relatives, friends, and children can contribute in different ways to help you reclaim happiness in life. Your support group can help you get over the traumatic experience of being in an abusive marriage.

Getting out of an abusive marriage can be challenging, but you do not have to do it alone. These people can and will help you. As long as you are willing to escape the miserable situation, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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