Most legal workplaces bring with them demands, complexities and variable amounts of psychological stress by virtue of long working hours and the resulting physical stress.

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These Best Practice Guidelines were specifically designed to promote psychologically healthy legal workplaces. their aim is to assist legal organisations to create workplaces that fulfil each of the Psychosocial Factors, identified by extensive research as critical to psychological health. Specific guidance for individuals is also provided, to support resilience and self help measures. These reflect the recognition that whilst organisations “have a responsibility to minimise unnecessary stress and create healthy work environments”, individuals also have “a responsibility to themselves to be psychologically fit and resilient.”

Our attitudes, our mindset, how we speak to others and what we tell ourselves, as well as the way we behave towards others and ourselves, have an effect on how we experience our workplace. Below we identify a number of initiatives that individuals can take to increase their resilience and to remain psychologically healthy in the workplace.

Organisations can sign up for free, to collaborate with the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation, focus on improvement in the workplace, and become a leading organisation in the legal profession. Details, and the report, is linked here.