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A great two days of forum. A terrific group of tweeter-rapporteurs were kept busy following the presentations.

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Thanks to our colleague Kris Greaves, all these tweets were captured on Storify. You can catch up on all the first days tweets here, and the second day, here.

And you can see where some of the tweets came from, in the images below.

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Images thanks to Kris tweets 6 Feb #wellnessforlaw

Professor Paul Maharg also posted a couple of great reviews of some of the days presentations, you can find his thoughts on Rachel Field’s Keynote here, Justice Shane Marshall’s Keynote here, and his wrap up, here. You will find more of Paul’s posts here.

A write up of the Forum was published here by ANU Media.

More materials and presentations from the 2015 Forum will appear on this page, as they become available.

On a related issue, as mentioned, Kris Greaves pulled all the data from the tweets together, and then explored how legal academics (and others!) might capture and analyse the data from tweets and the blogs; they could be a useful repository of information from a conference such as this one. See his post A little bit meta – meta events, peripheral participation and data.