We are very happy to invite you to the 2015 National Wellness for Law Forum on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th of February 2015, hosted by ANU Legal Workshop in Canberra.


Theme for 2015: Wellness in Legal Education and Practice: Towards Integration and New Connections.

Since the first forum in 2012, the conversation on psychological wellness and distress in the law has advanced substantially.

There are now many voices bringing different experiences and perspectives from across the spectrum of legal education and practice, and crossing into many other disciplines. This concurrent specialisation and diversification is a welcome sign of a maturing community of research and practice.

Yet this should not be at the expense of integration and new connections at a number of levels, including:

  • Integrating the work being done with different populations in law (eg law students, lawyers, legal academics and the judiciary)
  • Integrating the wellness research and practice in law with that of other disciplines and populations, and understanding the common and distinctive factors relevant to wellness in law
  • Integrating different wellness theories and interventions (eg, prevention of distress v promotion of wellbeing) in the law context
  • Integrating wellness more deeply into legal education and practice, rather than as a supplement to existing pedagogy and practices
  • Integrating the wellness discussion with considerations regarding the commercial realities of the profession (including lawyer retention, performance and sustainability)
  • Integrating the wellness research and practice with other social and cultural developments relevant to the role and future of legal education and practice.

The forum will be an opportunity to gather with professionals, academics, regulators and students from a variety of disciplines. It will also be an opportunity to discuss future projects, works in progress and initiatives to promote wellbeing in the profession and at law school

Registration for the conference will be free for all participants, thanks to generous funding and support provided by ANU Legal Workshop.

See the link here for further details and registration, and please print off this flyer to distribute to your networks.

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