The 2014 Wellness for Law Forum, held at QUT, was a great success. Day one saw presentations focussing on the study of law and law student wellness, and day two focussed on the legal profession.

We have grouped together here some of the powerpoints and posters presented at the forum that give an overview of the ideas and discussions from the two days.

Day One – Law Student Wellness

  • Wendy Larcombe ‘Not only law students: high levels of psychological distress in a large university sample’
  • Stephen Tang ‘What works? Critically evaluating and applying psychological interventions in the legal education and practice environment’
  • Tania Leiman ‘Preparing students for what’s ahead: Using Statements of Inherent Requirements as a tool to encourage law students to manage their own wellbeing’
  • Toole & Giancaspro ‘Lex Salus – Reconciling Law and Wellbeing’
  • Stephen Tang ‘Change, severity and indicators of psychological distress in PLE
    students – and some reasons for hope’
  • Anna Huggins and Alex Steel ‘Class participation in law: Do demographics account for differences in students’ engagement and stress levels?’
  • Kate Lindsay, Sher Campbell, Teresa Dluzewska and Dianne
    Kirby ‘Lessons from the implementation of a wellbeing curriculum in first
    year law: Coals to Newcastle?
  • Colin James ‘Habits for wellbeing and productivity in law’
  • Margaret Jolly ‘Understanding the stress response – thinking like a zebra’
  • Mark Seton ‘Resilient sensitivity for vital performance – how lawyers and actors may deal with traumatic material’ [See also Introduction to Resilient Sensitivity]
  • Molly Townes O’Brien ‘Legal education as a meaningful struggle’

Day Two – Wellness in the Profession

  • Michael McGarvie ‘Confronting regulatory forgiveness – A case study from the Victorian regulator’
  • Beverley Kirk ‘Perspectives on psychological injuries in the workplace’
  • Rebecca Michalak, Stephen Hughes, Beverley Kirk, ‘A triad of perspectives on psychological injuries in the workplace’
  • Joel Orenstein ‘Law and the path of wisdom – using mindfulness to transform fear, anxiety and worry into clarity and emotional intelligence’
  • Kate Galloway and Melissa Castan ‘Sexism in the profession: A barometer of professional ethics?
  • Laura Helm ‘Time for change: Designing a legal profession wide health and wellbeing program’
  • Maxine Evers, Judy Bourke, Michael Appleby ‘Mental health guidelines for the legal profession: Best practice’
  • Marie Jepson ‘Promoting the guidelines: The TJMF priority for 2014’
Here are two reflections on the forum by lawyer and blogger Kathryn Hodges: Back to Uni; Wellness for Law Forum Through My Eyes.